We make two types of fountain; those that are free standing for use in pools, and those which
employ a tank, backplate and spout or mask, are self-contained and butt up against
a wall.

In the first category we range from the Formal Fountain, 13" high, to the grand Merboy
Fountain, 6'10" high. In the second, self-circulating category, we can make a huge range of
pieces. The tank can be made to virtually any size using any of our existing planter or cistern
panels. Masks and spouts are interchangeable. However, if nothing suits, then we can begin with
a blank sheet of paper and make whatever you want any size, any shape and any design.

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Free-standing fountains
  F1 Florentine FountainF2 Florentine on Triform BaseF4 Classic FountainF5 Conch Boy FountainF8 Formal FountainF12 Merboy Fountain  
  F1 Florentine
  F2 Florentine on
Triform Base
  F4 Classic
  F5 Conch Boy
  F8 Formal
  F1 Merboy
  F16 Triform Base
with Dolphins
  F27 Elephant