These were made in large numbers during the 17th and 18th centuries to
store rainwater for use in the house and garden. (Please click on History for
more background information). The Bulbeck Foundry uses a standard, 18th
century style, cistern panel measuring 18" x 29" high. Any number of these
panels can be joined to create cisterns of varying shape and size. However,
remember that water tanks can equally be made from any of our standard
planter panels and pictured below are examples using panels from our
Ribbed planter, Geometric planter and Swaffham planter ranges. If nothing
suits, we can make whatever you want from scratch any size, shape or
design, adding initials, logos or heraldic devices, if wanted.

click on pictures to enlarge
  C5 Rectangular
  C6 Corner
  C7 Large Semi-
circular Cistern
  C8 Small Semi-
circular Cistern
  P18 Double Two Foot
  Cistern made from 28 Inch
Swaffham Panels
  Small Tank using 30 Inch
Ribbed Panels
  Tank made from Two Foot
Ribbed Panels