Urns can be very effective when used in pairs to bracket stairways and entrances or individually as eye-catchers. Not everyone likes them, “Sir, I hate urns! Would they were beaten to pieces to pave our streets.“ (Dr Johnson)


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U1 Large Adam Urn

Height 25½“ (750mm)

U2 Adam Finial

Height 22½“ (570mm)

U3 William and Mary Urn

Height 19“ (480mm)

U4 Sir John Smith's Pot

Height 14¾“ (375mm)

U5 House of Dun Urn

Height 16½“ (420mm)

U6 Hampton Court Urn

Height 30“ (762mm)

U7 Andromeda Urn, height 45” (1.14m)
U8 William of Orange Urn, height 45” (1.14m)
Large Adam Urns at Sawley Hall
Large Adam Urns
U6 Hampton Court Urns
U8 and U7 William of Orange and Andromeda Urns