Ribbed planters are of traditional 17th century design. There used to be a very good example
in the garden of No 10 Downing Street, dated 1666. There are six standard sizes in this range,
pictured immediately below. In each case the face of the planting container is divided into little
squares, and these squares should be regarded as building blocks, to be added to or
substracted as desired. The further pictures illustrate how this works, giving rise to planters of
almost any size or shape.

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  Lead Planter used as a fountain, Two Foot Ribbed OctagonalLead planter used as a cistern, 30 Inch RibbedLead planter used as a cistern, 18 Inch RibbedLead planters, Two Foot Ribbed Semi-Circular  
  Two Foot Ribbed
  30" Ribbed
corner cistern
  30" Ribbed   18" Ribbed Two Foot Ribbed
  Lead Planters, 18 Inch Ribbed ElongatedLead planter, Double Two Foot Ribbed Planter  
18" Ribbed, elongated   30" circular
  Double Two Foot
Ribbed planter
  P23 and P24 Spanish planters
Square and Rectangular