The following statues range in height from 13 1/2“ (345) up to 51“ (1.3m). See bottom of page for measurements.


S16 Jacquemart Dog

Height 30“ (762mm)

S17 Jacquemart Dog

Height 30“ (762mm)

S10 van Nost Dog

Height 27“ (686mm)

S11 Fox

Height 21¾“ (553mm)

S12 Fox

Height 21¾“ (553mm)

S7 Victorian Child

Height 13½“ (345mm)

S6 Little Girl

Height 23“ (578mm)

S2 Lady

Height 43“ (1090mm)

S1 Gallant

Height 43“ (1090mm)

S5 Conch Boy

Height 38“ (965mm)

S33 Storm Girl

Height 31“ (787mm)

S3 Venus

Height 45“ (1145mm)

S30 Minerva, height 50“ (1.27m)
S29 Mars, height 51“ (1.30m)
S4 Sphinx, length approx. 34”
S31 Heron with Raised Head S32 Heron Stalking